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We have two basketball teams, a boys team and a girls team, each made up of a combination of 6th, 7th and 8th grade. We need more 6th and 7th Graders!! The season for each team is now underway with a total of 10 games  (5 home/ 5 away) through the end of February.

Please complete, sign, and return the below form immediately so that we may submit rosters to the league.

For more information, contact Robert Lynch at 516-782-7494 or

Schedules for both ASR ST.A.R.S. Girls and Boys Basketball are available here:

Note that all  schedules are subject to change;  for updates, see our Facebook Page (please “Like” us at and our Twitter Feed,  (please “Follow” us at


Registration Winter 2014-15 Registration Winter 2014-15

Reminders:1.  The parents of students who stay at school to await the start of basketball practices or games must send a note for their homeroom teacher and the appropriate payment for aftercare (see forms).  Students who wait must report to Mr. Lynch in the cafeteria at 2:30pm.2.  Students who go home and return later for practices and games must wait outside the front doors of the gym in the Cloisters for their coach or an adult to arrange entry.  Nobody will be admitted to the gym before the arrival of a coach or an adult authorized by that coach.

Fees and Uniforms: The registration fee is $150, which pays for administrative and league fees and for the purchase of the uniform.  Please note that this is a multi-sport uniform, i.e., it may be used for ASR ST.A.R.S Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer, etc. Uniforms can be used in later grades, and graduating 8th graders may sell their uniforms to students in the lower grades or back to the program at an adjusted price. We may also compiling a non-league schedule. Schedules will be posted here, and on our Facebook Page (please “Like” us at in our Twitter Feed,  (please “Follow” us at,  as will reminders of each game and results.  Notices will also be emailed.