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StarFLEET is a leadership group comprised of accomplished 7th and 8th Grade Students nominated by their teachers to be service leaders.  These leaders take roles running the STARS! Service Groups (StarSHIPS and StarSHINE) and they help and encourage the younger students during the study and homework during the aftercare segment of the STARS Program.

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January Schedule

ASR STARS! Service Groups are provide our middle school students with opportunities to engage in Christian service on behalf of their school and community, something vital to their development as faithful young Catholics.

Last month the students nominated for the STARS! Service Group leadership group met and fully cleaned out and organized the ASR workshop located in the loft over the gym.  Since that time, generous donors have provided us with over $1,000.00 in materials for the students to work with to prepare displays for Catholic Schools Week later this month and the Open House being held Sunday, January 26th.

Mr. Jake Rasweiler has prepared some ingenious kits which will allow our student members to assemble and decorate frames to be use to set up an  “ASR Stars Wall” inside the school’s front entry, which will be used to highlight the stories of some of our alumni who can proclaim “I am a Star from ASR!, “

The students will be meeting this Wednesday, January 15th from 2:30 until 5pm.,  Saturday from 10am until 1pm and at the same times on the following Wednesday and Saturday.  It would be helpful if they brought a change of clothes to keep their school uniforms from being damaged.

Below are the members of the leadership group.  Please call Robert Lynch at 516-782-7494 to nominated additional members or for further information.

8th Grade

7th Grade

6th Grade




Kenny Calderone

Ava DeVita

Nick DeVita

Grace Haff

Daniel Dickson

Samantha Horton

Lara Hanley

Rita Evangelista

Max Kramer

Max Lawson

Victoria Fazzalari

Alessia Nardine

Julianna Katasi

Sydney Proux

Maura Lynch

Julia Rasweiler

Anya Grace Skripkin

Andrew Thai

Nicole Rodi

Peter Gromul

Kaitlyn Maleady

Katie Foley

Jonathan Diaz