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STARS! Service Programs are unique to our school and are specially designed to provide our middle school students with opportunities to engage in Christian service on behalf of their school and community, something vital to their development as faithful young Catholics.

Our school would like to see every middle-school student involved in at least ONE service group and ONE club.

StarFLEET:     Fun Learning, Evangelization, Enrichment and Tutoring (learn more)

StarSHIPS:        Students Happy In Prayer and Spirituality (learn more)

StarSHINE:       Students Happy In a Nice Environment (learn more)

Other STARS!  Projects:

  • provide logistical support for fundraising:  mailings, posters for the ASR Family Fundraising Association (FFA) events.
  • Assist at the ASR tent at festivals (St. Boniface Feast, St. Rocco’s Feast, Sea Cliff Mini-Mart).