ASR Afterschool ST.A.R.S. Program
Aftercare Fees Summary 2014 -2015

The ASR STudy, Activity, Recreational and ServiceProgram

The All Saints Regional Catholic School, after-school ST.A.R.S. Program encompasses our after school aftercare, enrichment activities and all clubs and sports programs.

The ST.A.R.S. Program is designed to provide high quality, low cost after school activity and care, all taking place in a safe, secure, educationally sound atmosphere for our children.

All students have been pre-registered in the program and the yearly registration fee has been included in tuition, but please complete and return the attached forms to the office as soon as possible so that we may update our records.

We have simplified our pricing structure from last year in order to keep the program as affordable as possible for the great value offered.  Club and activity fees will be set individually;  aftercare rates are detailed below:

Aftercare Fees:

Regular Days2:30 – 6:00pm* Half DaysDismissal – 6:00pm* Aftercare following clubs/teams/activities
$10.00 per child first hour;
$30.00 more than first hour
$50.00 two or more children
$10.00 per child first hour;
more than first hour $100.00 two or more children
$10.00 per childfirst hour$25.00 more than one hour
$35.00 two or more children

* a $15 late fee is charged for any student picked up after 6:00pm



Students may attend aftercare on a daily or weekly basis.  Weekly envelopes are due on the first day of the school week.  Envelopes are due at the office no later than 9am.  You may pay for all children in one payment.  Please send a separate note to your child’s teacher with the following information written on it:

Att:  Aftercare
Student Name(s) and Homeroom(s)
Days/Date attending aftercare

Pre-pay for one month: 5% Discount (up to $30 savings)
Pre-pay for half year: 10% Discount (up to $300.00 savings)
Pre-pay for full year: 15% Discount (up to $900.00 savings)

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