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Drama Club LogoOur school's wonderful ASR Drama Program has chosen "The Little Mermaid" as our Spring, 2015 production. 

Ad, the Little Mermaid
In order to make seating as equitable as possible, we will have reserved, assigned seating.  Once seats have been assigned to families with children in the play, the seats will go on sale to the general public. on April 15th.  Tickets sold at the door will be $12 for adults/$10 for children.  Tickets will have Section, Row, and Seat number clearly printed on them.   All children must be in ticketed seats (children 2 and under may sit on an adult’s lap); children will not be allowed to sit in aisles at any time for safety reasons.

arielrock5The Little Mermaid


Prince Eric:  Danny Dickson
King Triton: Jonathan Diaz
Grimsby Maura Lynch
Sebastian:  Jordan Kramer
Ariel: Melissa Lalonde
Flounder: Jamie Coniglione
Scuttle: Max Kramer
Ursula: Rita Evangalista
Flotsam: Jenna Stanco
Jetsam: Briana Malvino
Chef Louis: Tristan Nolan
SeaHorse: Ellie Haff
Pilot: Tristan Nolan
Aquata: Kaitlyn Maleady
Andrina: Anya Skripkin
Arista: Mary Jane Hughes
Atina: Kate Foley
Adella: Victoria Fazzalari
Allana:  Olivia Colon
Chefs: Samantha Horton, Olivia Peebles, Lauren Misiakiewicz, Carla Quinones
Tentacles: Olivia Rasweiler, Vicki Hanley
For the safety of our students and for the smooth operation of the program, please note the following procedures for dismissal of students from rehearsals:
1.  After rehearsal, ALL students must return, by way of the passage from the Cafeteria, to the Art Room in the school building.  NO students will be leaving by way of the front doors of the Parish Hall.
2.  NO students will be dismissed directly from the Parish Hall;  all students must be dismissed from the Art Room, including “walkers”.
3.  Only Drama Program members may be present at rehearsals.  Any siblings or friends waiting to accompany Drama Program members home must wait for them in aftercare.
4.  Remember that there is no aftercare charge for Drama Program students on rehearsal days and that aftercare operates until 6 pm.
5.  For access to the school building when you arrive, please call the ST.A.R.S. phone at (516) 695-7123 or Robert Lynch at 516-782-7494.

Robert Lynch ASR ST.A.R.S. Program phone: 516-782-7494 email: rlynch@asrstars.org


Annie Jr Logo
Our Drama Club’s presentation of “Annie Jr.” in March, 2014 was a huge success!


Purchase DVDs of our production of Annie Jr!:


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The Drama Club came back early from Winter Break a day before the rest of the school and had their first chance to rehearse on the actual stage where they’ll be presenting “Annie Jr.” in a month.


At rehearsal on Feb 21, the Drama Club got their first glimpse of the wonderful sets art teacher Josephine Joyce is preparing for Annie Jr.


Some productions staged in recent years by the ASR Drama Club

Some productions staged in recent years by the ASR Drama Club