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It’s kind of a surprise to those of us who think of All Saints Regional Catholic School as a “new” school, but the school year 2014-2015 will be the school’s 25th, and it’s 25th Anniversary will take place in September, 2015!

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As chance would have it, September, 2015 will also mark the 100th Anniversary of Catholic School Education on the North Shore, St. Patrick’s School, one of the four local schools regionalized in 1990 to form ASR, having started in ASR’s present building in September of 1915.

Now that ASR itself is a quarter century old, some of its alumni have decided that it was time to form an Alumni Association in order to keep in touch with classmates, keep alive their memories of ASR and to help out the school as it brings the proud heritage of Catholic School education in this area into a Second Century.

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